Mobile Screens

Mobile Screens have been designed for Privacy, in Mobile applications. A Screen is assembled on a Mobile Module /Trolley to gain a mobility , during the operation , folding and storing.

Mobile Module has been designed in a way to ensure controlled, easy and regular motion when the screen is moving , while a balanced and stable position when fully locked.

Strong and balanced casters of the screen and those of its mobile module , sustained with special brakes are well-designed for moving and locking the screen , properly. Brakes have two axes for vertical and horizontal locking .

Even if the surface on which the screens are moved has not an homogeneous structure, the advantageous design of the product prevents possible damages on screens ,such as bending ,tilting or distortions.

High mobility skill of a mobile screens helps the user move it fast and safely, when urgently required.

After use, a screen can easily be folded and stored without restricting the elbowroom.

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