Parflex Screens which consist of integrated panels , with specific heights and lengths could be folded over each other. Screens , may be fixed to a wall or mounted on a trolley as to provide multi-dimensional, fast and efficient separation.

Besides being practical, light and easy-to-carry, the hygienic features they have contribute to the increasing demand for them in various areas , especially Hospitals and several Medical Facilities.

Being easily adaptable to the working areas and surfaces provides permanent and esthetic solutions without compromising the space integrity of the environment that severely requires personal privacy and fast interventions.

Screens enable uninterrupted supervision of vital medical equipment, connected to the patients in several facilities, such as Intensive Care Units , Recovery Rooms, Emergency Areas or Dialysis Centers.

Besides permitting the natural light pass through it, moving the screen to several directions helps to widen the working areas around a bed or stretcher for easy access to the patients , in emergency cases.

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